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October 2016 Monthly Update

  Social Skills- Goals- Vision Dream Board- Your son or daughter created their own vision board to help them visualize their goals. This powerful tool serves as an image of the future – a tangible representation of where one is going. It represents dreams, goals, and ones’ ideal life. Because […]

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September 2016 Monthly Update

  Social Skills Social skills review- What are social skills? One member said, “it is a guide to life, a tool to allow you to fit into society”. Social skills are the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and our personal […]

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August 2016 Monthly Update

Thinking Like an Adult Class- Environmental Demands- we learned that each job contains a variety of environmental demands such as lighting level, location, noise level, etc.  Most people do not have full control over their work environment – and no work environment is 100% perfect ( and that’s OK!!). How you […]

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